Episode 11 – Dancing Into Presence Feat. AJ Germano

In this episode AJ Germano makes a special appearance as guest host of the “Are You Being Present?” podcast with Paul Kerzner. AJ is an inspirational leader, ecstatic dance organizer and drum circle facilitator. He has dedicated his life to being of service to others and spends the majority of his time organizing events and gatherings to help build and support the community.

The title and theme of this podcast is “Dancing Into Presence” as dance is an amazing activity that can be used by anyone, anywhere at anytime to help shift into the present moment. AJ has an extensive history with dance (ecstatic and contact), which he discusses all throughout the interview.

One of the many highlights of this episode includes AJ taking time to delve into his past and explain how it provided him with the necessary challenges to shift his perspectives, perceptions and consciousness. AJ goes into detail about how he was first introduced to dance via the rave scene and the transformation he underwent as his life progressed and he matured. Many people will be able to relate to his life story and the decisions he made during his personal evolution into becoming the inspirational person he is today.

If you’re interested in learning more about AJ Germano please visit his Facebook page: [link]

We thank AJ for sharing his story and and look forward to having him back soon!

Episode 12 – Laugh With the Present Moment Feat. StevieAnne Petitt

The Presence Projects presents episode 12 of the “Are You Being Present?” podcast series. The topic for this episode is “Laugh With the Present Moment” and features StevieAnne Petitt who is a conscious comedian, teacher, mother and author.

In this episode StevieAnne discusses her life path and how she was able to overcome great adversity using comedy and laughter. We learn that laughing is an amazing ‘presence tool’ and a wonderful way to accept life in the ‘here and now’. Her personal story, the challenges she has faced and her ability to maintain such a positive perspective will truly impress and inspire those of us who have also faced hardship in some way, shape or form.

While it is true that not every present moment is funny, with some moments more serious than others, we must strive to find the humor and use laughter to help shift us away from past thought and future worry. When we laugh it is impossible to experience anything but presence. If you don’t believe that then just start laughing and you’ll see for yourself.

We thank StevieAnne Petitt for being a part of this special podcast and look forward to having her return. To learn more about her please click this: [Link]

Episode 13 – What is Your Presence Process? Feat. Zen Benefiel

Zen Benefiel joins the “Are You Being Present?” podcast as a guest host with Paul Kerzner. Zen is an author, minister, facilitator and “possibilities coagulator” who has years of experience working within the mindfulness arena.

The title of this podcast is “What’s Your Presence Process?” Learning and working on presence requires a fluid methodology that is developed and improved throughout life. Both Zen and Paul delve into a deep discussion where they explore their own perspectives and perceptions of the present moment.

During the podcast Zen discusses how he grew up as empathic and having to learn how to be present and navigate the world without taking on other people’s feelings. He shared the need to find a place that he could differentiate himself as there was a tendency to take on emotions that weren’t his own. There are many people who are also empathic that will find this part of the podcast useful and relatable.

One interesting subject that Zen and Paul explore was communication and the effect is has on being present. Often times there is a considerable amount of projection taking place and this can be due to the fact that people will hear different things based on their own subjective interpretations. Having clarity, speaking with intention and being open is a key component of a successful presence process.

The Presence Projects thanks Zen for joining the podcast and looks forward to having him return soon for a follow up.

If you’d like to learn more or contact Zen Benefiel please visit his website: http://zenbenefiel.com/

Episode 14 – Juicing for Presence Feat. Parul Agrawal

The Presence Projects welcomes guest host Parul Agrawal to the 14th episode of the “Are You Being Present?” podcast series. The topic for this podcast is “Juicing for Presence” and features a lively conversation on the positive effects of juicing; it’s ability to improve health and how it can provide presence and clarity.

Parul is the ideal person to discuss juicing, as she is an international best selling author, Wellness Coach and Medicinal Juicing Instructor. With her extensive background in wellness and transformative experiences with juicing, she shares valuable and insightful information that is relevant to anyone interested in improving their physical and emotional states of being.

Aside from the many health benefits that juicing provides it also has a significant effect on presence and life in the ‘here and now’. Parul and Paul go into detail about how this becomes possible as juicing eliminate toxins, clears out the digestive system, improves gut health and provides the body with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

If you’re working on being present then it’s essential to address nutrition as it has a direct impact on the mind, body and spirit. Juicing is easy, affordable, healthy and is something that anyone can do on a regular basis so we encourage you to begin your juice regimen right away!

We thank Parul for joining the podcast and look forward to continuing the discussion on juicing. If you’d like to learn more about Parul Agrawal please visit her website: http://parulagrawal.com/

Episode 15 – Breathing Into Presence Feat. Eric Rehnke

The Presence Projects is excited to present episode 15 of the “Are You Being Present?” podcast series! In this episode Eric Rehnke joins us to discuss breathing, its effects on the nervous system and how it can shift us into the ‘here and now’. Eric is a teacher and breath work facilitator who has been exploring conscious breathing and it’s ability to help bring humanity into the present moment.

In this podcast Eric shares his background in breath work and his experiences with the conscious breathing movement. He discusses an amazing moment he had which opened his eyes to the power of the breath. Eric goes on to explain how breath work is an essential ‘presence tool’ that can be used by anyone at anytime to bring about an inner state of peace, stillness and presence. Later in the podcast he discusses conscious breathing and walks us through a short exercise.

We wholeheartedly thank Eric for teaching us about breath work and it’s ability to calm the mind, body and spirit. If you’d like to learn more about Eric please visit: http://breathingintowholeness.com/

Episode 16 – Gratefully Present Feat. Tami Sharp

The Presence Projects presents episode 16 of the “Are You Being Present?” podcast series. In this episode Tami Sharp (clinical hypnotherapist, life & love coach) joins Paul Kerzner for a in-depth discussion on gratitude and it’s ability to shift humanity into the present moment.

The title of this podcast is “Gratefully Present” and was chosen because gratitude is an essential ‘Presence Tool’ that has a profound effect on life and can be used by anyone, anywhere at anytime. Being grateful, more so living in a state of gratitude, will create more positive situations and enable desirable outcomes in the present moment.

During the podcast Tami shares some of her experiences that provided an opportunity for growth and the ability to see how important it is to be grateful. There are times in life that we lose things dear to us so that we can learn the importance of gratitude for all things, big and small.

Paul shares his perspective on gratitude and the need to accept the present moment. He suggests that we begin each day with a gratitude exercise which can be added to your mindfulness practice to help build a strong baseline of peace, clarity, inner stillness and presence.

We thank Tami for joining us on the podcast and look forward to having her back soon. If you’re interested in learning more about Tami Sharp please visit her website: http://www.unshakableroots.com/

Episode 17 – Crying with Presence Feat. StevieAnne Petitt

The “Are You Being Present?” podcast welcomes back guest host StevieAnne Petitt who joins Paul Kerzner for another amazing episode. The title and topic of this podcast is “Crying with Presence” and it delves into a subject that is relevant to everyone.

Paul felt compelled to discuss how crying can be used as a ‘Presence Tool’ after watching a video on Facebook of StevieAnne sharing her emotions and shedding some tears. The act of crying, setting aside the thoughts or emotions that led up to it, can only be done in the present moment.

Paul and StevieAnne converse about how men and women view and experience crying much differently due to societal conditioning. Women, by in large, allow themselves to cry more easily and find it to be a useful experience when dealing with a variety of emotions. Men, typically, are raised to believe that crying is a weakness, one that shouldn’t be expressed easily. This is a challenge because crying, when appropriate, helps releases emotions and brings presence.

One interesting point that was made was in regards to people looking for permission to cry. By giving ourselves this permission we allow emotions to flow and shift into the present moment.

We thank StevieAnne for joining us and speaking about such an important topic. Her willingness to be vulnerable and share her emotions with the world exemplifies how courageous she truly is. If you’d like to learn more about StevieAnne Petitt please visit her Facebook page: [Link]

Episode 18 – Working out in the Present Moment Feat. Jamine Aponte

Jamine Aponte joins the “Are You Being Present?” podcast as a guest host with Paul Kerzner. Jamine is a strength, conditioning and wellness coach who has dedicated her life to helping people improve their health while being present.

The title and topic for this episode is “Working out in the Present Moment.” If you are one of the millions of people that goes to the gym on a (semi) regular basis, then you have an opportunity to use exercise as a “Presence Tool.”

In this podcast Paul and Jamine discuss how common it is for people to become distracted by their thought-stream while at the gym. Whether its memories of the past or worries of the future, it is important to stay focused and exercise in the ‘here and now.’ By being present when exercising your workouts will be more effective, efficient and completed with the necessary attention.

Later in the podcast we go into detail and provide a variety of benefits of being present while working out. One major benefit is that by staying in the ‘here and now’ you become more in-touch and in-tune with your body. Another benefit is the ability to perform exercises with the correct form by not rushing through your workouts. Rushing is a “Presence Distraction” and can lead to injury which is a highly undesirable and certainly unintended consequence.

We thank Jamine for joining us on the podcast and look forward to having her back. If you’d like to learn more about Jamine Aponte please visit her website: http://inspiredwellnesslifestyle.com

Episode 19 – Meditation as a Presence Tool Feat. Jarid Neuhaus

The Presence Projects presents episode 19 of the “Are You Being Present?” podcast series. In this episode Jarid Neuhaus joins Paul Kerzner in a meaningful and insightful discussion on meditation and presence. Jarid is a Licensed Massage Therapist, meditation, yoga, Qi Gong and yoga instructor.

“Meditation as a Presence Tool” is the title and topic of the podcast and we felt that Jarid was the right person for this subject. He has dedicated a considerable amount of time developing his own meditation practice and also teaches the public about what meditation is, how to implement it into their lives and walks them through guided and silent meditations.

In previous podcasts meditation has been discussed, as it’s an integral component of a daily mindfulness practice. Paul takes some time to remind the audience, that from his perspective, there are no rules or a set amount of time when it comes to meditating. If you’re new to meditation its helpful to remember that any amount of time you’re able to commit to meditation is important and meaningful.

During the podcast Jarid talks about different meditation techniques and focal points. The breath, more specifically watching your breathing, is a great focal point which helps focus your mind and bring about a deeper state of relaxation. The conversation continues as Paul and Jarid share their experiences and perspectives on the usefulness of meditating and being present.

We thank Jarid for joining us on the podcast and sharing some great information about meditation and it’s ability to help shift us into the present moment. If you’d like to learn more about Jarid Neuhaus please visit his website: http://www.jaridmassage.com/

Episode 20 – Yoga for Presence Feat. Jorge Rivera

Guest host Jorge Rivera joins Paul Kerzner for episode 20 of the “Are You Being Present?” podcast series. The title and topic of this podcast is “Yoga for Presence” and was selected because yoga is an amazing “Presence Tool” that is popular and accessible for everyone.

Jorge is a yoga instructor and was asked to join the podcast because of the emphasis he places on teaching mindfulness and presence with his students. When yoga is practiced with the proper intention, and taught by a skilled instructor, it has the ability to bring peace and stillness to the mind, body and spirit.

During the podcast Jorge talks about his background and how he was introduced to yoga. After experiencing a few injuries, and going through a significant life transition, he was looking for some direction and relief. His practice allowed him to see first hand how powerful yoga is by helping to heal his body. This profound experience was the motivation and inspiration he needed to become a yoga instructor.

Later in the episode Paul and Jorge discuss presence and how yoga helps people shift away from thoughts of the past and worries of the future. Anyone who has attended a yoga classes understands that it is a subjective practice with each person having a unique experience. The goal is to stay present by focusing on the breath, stretches and controlled movements.

We thank Jorge for joining us and recommend his services to anyone interested in attending a powerfully present yoga class. If you’re interested in learning more about Jorge Rivera please contact him on Facebook: [Link]