Episode 1 – Choose to be Present!
In this podcast, Paul Kerzner, L.Ac. discusses the importance of letting go of memories of the past and worries about the future. Only the present matters, since the here and now is the only thing we can control.

Paul invites the listeners to explore the potential that exists when we are being present; this enables us to take control and stop being victims of our circumstances. When we look at our behaviors consciously and clearly we can see that life is full of both peaks and valleys and that we must do our best each and every moment.

Episode 2 – Start Your Mindfulness Practice!

Paul welcomes his listeners into the here and now using mindfulness as a spiritual tool to build a baseline of calm and peace. He encourages listeners to find inspirational literature and quotes, and shares a book which has personally inspired him to a loving state of being. Paul also discusses at length using affirmations and meditation that have a positive effect on the mind, body and spirit. He reminds the listener that great changes can happen quickly, and there’s no time like the present to get started.

Episode 3 – What Does Being Present Feel Like?

In this podcast, Paul Kerzner discusses two main topics: What does it feel like to be present and the importance of being the observer.
What does it feel like to be present? We live in a subjective reality, and being present is a singular experience. Being present is reaching a state of no thought, a space of nothingness, and feeling truly one with the environment. There is a heightened awareness and sense of connection when we disconnect from the thought stream and feel waves of energy, euphoria and epiphanies. We are able to access answers by being present in the moment and hearing ourselves. What does it mean to be the observer? Our thoughts are like clouds in the sky, and we can become observant without being attached. When we pull ourselves back into the here and now, we are able to choose which thoughts are most important.

Episode 4 – Enhancing Your Presence by Changing Your Behavior

In this episode Paul Kerzner talks about the need to be cognizant of our behavior(s) so we can be more present and live in the ‘here and now’. It’s important to remember that our actions, interpretations and reactions can either enhance or inhibit our ability to be present. Offering forgiveness, being grateful, learning to let go and not take things personally are important tools which, when used properly, can help propel us into the present moment. If you find yourself suffering with thoughts of the past and worries of the future use the tools in this podcast and remember that you have a choice, choose to be present!

Episode 5 – A Guided Meditation for the Present Moment Feat. Jacqueline Drenth

The Presence Projects is pleased to present it’s very first guided meditation featuring Jacqueline Drenth!

Guided meditations are amazing ‘presence tools’ that can be used to obtain a sense of inner-peace and tranquility. In a previous podcast we discussed the importance of building a mindfulness practice and one of the key components of this daily exercise was meditation. Not everyone has the ability, or desire, to perform seated/silent meditations so guided meditations are a wonderful alternative. This type of mediation can be used by anyone looking for assistance to quiet their mind, body and spirit and are especially effective in helping us shift from thoughts of the past and worries of the future.

In this podcast Jacqueline’s soothing voice guides us through relaxing breathing exercises bringing presence and awareness. She gently takes us on a journey leading us to life in the ‘here and now’, a place of peace and stillness. We hope you enjoy this guided meditation and look forward to more in the near future!

Episode 6 – Facing Fears With Awareness & Presence

In this episode Paul Kerzner delves into one of the greatest ‘presence challenges’ faced by our society, fear. This emotion has the ability to shift people right out of the present moment by eliciting memories of the past or worries of the future. Some of the fears we experience stem from false/inaccurate memories or belief systems that have been imprinted upon our perception of reality.

In order to live in the ‘here and now’ and to fully enjoy life in the present moment there must be a concerted effort to maintain a true sense of awareness which is an amazing ‘presence tool’. Awareness has the ability to provide for a better understanding of who we are, what fears we have, what are the roots of these fears and how to properly overcome them.

If you, or someone you know, is trapped in a fear cycle we suggest listening to this podcast, working on awareness and incorporating presence. While it might not eliminate all fears it will introduce some helpful tools and perspectives that can lead towards a life in the present moment.

Episode 7 – Why Is Being Present Important? – Feat. Shannon Horton

The Presence Projects presents Episode 7 of “Are You Being Present?” featuring guest host Shannon Horton.

Shannon is a Happiness Consultant, Intuitive Spiritual Medium, Coach and the owner of Happiness Matters, LLC. We were delighted when Shannon accepted our invitation to answer a few questions on the podcast. She has been, and continues to be, a true inspiration and motivation for people seeking happiness and presence.

In this podcast Shannon discusses the importance of being present, shares a few examples then discusses her ‘presence tools’. She reminds us that being present provides amazing opportunity in the ‘here and now’ and allows us to “live life to the fullest.” Recently she overcame her fears, stayed present and was able to find a new and exciting opportunity which reminds us that fear is a powerful ‘presence distraction.’

We thank Shannon for being our first guest host and look forward to having her back soon!

Episode 8 – What Does Being Present Mean to You? – Feat. Daniel Hirtz

The “Are You Being Present?” podcast warmly welcomes guest host Daniel Hirtz who is a musician, healer, teacher and entrepreneur as well as a leader in the conscious breathing community. With a long and profound career helping people gain presence through various means we asked Daniel what being present means to him.

In this podcast Daniel discusses how we are always present, even when consumed with past & future thought, as there is never anything other than the present moment. Daniel then shares his perspective about how humanity exists in the “dream of our history” both individually and collectively. This is a dream that appears as reality but is also a dream, a concept which many in our audience will find profound and thought provoking. Daniel also addresses the need to cleanse the pain of the past that has been bottled up inside in an effort to make the present moment more joyful, pleasant and acceptable.

The Presence Projects is in deep gratitude for having Daniel host this episode, we look forward to having him return for a follow-up interview.

If you’re interested in learning more about Daniel Hirtz please visit his website: www.danielhirtz.com

Episode 9 – Acceptance of the Present Moment

The Presence Projects presents episode 9 in the “Are You Being Present?” podcast series. The title of this podcast is “Acceptance of the Present Moment” and it contains foundational information for people seeking more presence in their lives.

In this podcast Paul Kerzner addresses the need to accept each and every moment exactly how it is and not how we perceive or expect it to be. He teaches us that expectations and perceptions can detract from our ability to see things clearly.

Paul explains that at times we might experience resistance to a person, place or thing and that can cause an inner state of conflict and distraction from the present moment. By accepting what was, what is and whatever will be we enter into a state of presence allowing each and every moment to unfold in the most divine way possible. Later in the podcast he shares a personal experience of resistance and how he was able to shift his behavior and perceptions entering into a state of acceptance.

Remember, you have a choice. Choose to be present!

Episode 10 – Perception of Presence Feat. Andrew Ecker

The Presence Projects presents episode 10 of the “Are You Being Present?” podcast series. In this podcast Paul Kerzner interviews guest host Andrew Ecker and joins him in exploring the topic of perception and how it directly affects the present moment.

Andrew Ecker is a drum circle facilitator, energetic architect and presenter who has worked with different communities to help people heal and reconnect with the present moment. He is a direct descendent of the Apache nation and has dedicated himself to service of humanity working with many nations, churches, businesses, festival organizations and individuals.

In this podcast Andrew talks about vibrational programming and how it establishes and creates our present moment in connection with our perceptions, words and thoughts. He explains that this is a process of shifting into energetic alignment with what we desire to be manifested into our reality. Andrew then discussed how vibrational programming allows for the creation of a beautiful life that is in alignment with the highest level of consciousness.

Later in the podcast Paul delves into the topic of perception and explains how reality is perception and perception is reality. He discusses the importance being conscious creators and the need to watch words, thoughts, actions and emotions as they have a direct impact on reality.

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