Jake Colvin

“The exercises that he provides through this course are all designed to help reprogram positive self reinforcement, help us observe our own thoughts objectively and ultimately find peace and happiness in the moment.”Read More

Paul’s four week program is a great jump start for anyone who may be battling the Present moment. His skill of being able to identify subconscious habitual actions that hinder us from becoming our best self is impressive to say the least. The exercises that he provides through this course are all designed to help reprogram positive self reinforcement, help us observe our own thoughts objectively and ultimately find peace and happiness in the moment. I recommend this program for all my family, friends and anyone who may be feeling complacent or lack of productivity in their life. This program is not for anyone who expects someone else to do the hard work for them.

Jean K.

“If you’re considering working with Paul, it will be beyond anything that you might expect to experience… he’s that good.”Read More

I have been working with Paul for a few months now.   Paul told me about his Presence podcasts and mindful practice which I had never heard of it before and thought “okay, I will give it a try”. At the time, there were 25 podcasts and after listening to the first I was hooked and listened to the 2nd one on my way to work the next day and cried so hard. It was my life I was seeing. I listened to all the podcasts within a few days, many of them multiple times. To this day, I have listened to all of them five, six, seven or more times. When things seem to be getting tough, I always go back and listen and refocus myself. I look forward to Mondays when the new one usually comes out. I listen to them within an hour of coming out and usually laugh or cry.

Before the time I started listening to the podcasts, my mind was always racing and going and I couldn’t get it to stop to go to sleep and would toss and turn and have the worst dreams. This would go on all night, leaving me with only a couple hours of actual sleep per night. I would take OTC sleeping pills every night, a half dose to a full dose. Within a day of listening to the first podcast I had the best night’s sleep and have not taken any sleeping pills since. To this day, I can be asleep within five minutes and wake rested.

Paul’s podcasts will get you to the root of life. He cuts right to the core and it feels like during the podcast he is talking directly to you. The podcasts are not a you have to do this and this, it’s all about the tools he presents and it’s up to you to use what works for you. I have been able to deal with my parents’ deaths just by confronting how they died and dealing with what I felt had happened to them and me. For me it was a feeling of trying to let go and that it was not my fault. It had been affecting me for over 10 years. I could talk it out with the people in my life and they had no idea what I had been going through. At that moment, finally I was at peace and the weight I was feeling was gone.

People tell me now how happy I am and that they hadn’t seen me that happy in a long time, if ever. I had no idea me not being in the present moment was visible to everyone. Paul helped me through it with his podcast on grieving and taking responsibility for my life.

With Paul’s help, I have found my journey and how I feel about my journey. The fact that other people’s lives, mistakes or happiness is not mine and it’s not my journey. That was a tough one for me. I was always the go-to person to help people and always put them first not me. I have learned that it’s my journey and my life. Their choices good or bad are theirs not mine!

I have put myself first in my mind, thus the mindfulness practice. And you know what, the world has not come crashing in. In fact, it is shining brightly. It has opened so many doors and I have stepped out of my comfort zone and have held my head up because this is my life and my journey. I have begun exercising and juicing and blending, cutting out certain foods and even doing the Apple Cider vinegar. I thought I would not have time in my life to do all this. But imagine when it’s for YOU and not anyone else, yes, you can; and yes, I do and I look forward to it every morning. The changes have been startling and amazing!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Paul’s Presence and mindfulness practice. It will change your life if you let it. It has changed mine!

Zahra M.

With Paul’s guidance I have become more aware of myself, my stress, my triggers, and how to cope with them.” Read More

I have been able to organize my life and myself, and practice being present, in the way Paul encourages. Even my family members have noticed the difference. I only wish I had found Paul sooner but I am fortunate to have him as part of my treatment process now. Paul is so passionate about being present he hosts a podcast titled “Are you Being Present?” Each podcast offers different tools and beholds wisdom to help you experience the gift of being present. I find the podcasts very helpful and strongly recommend them to everyone.